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International Network Prison Ministries

Member of The International Network of Prison Ministries

  • The point in time an individual decides to give their life to Christ is not the finish, but is actually the beginning. From this point they must Move On.
  • Just as normal growth is expected of a child, God expects His children to grow
  • "I move on towards the Goal"
  • Making "House Calls" to the inmates

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The intentions of Moving On Ministry (M.O.M.) is to minister to individuals for growth in their Christian walk. M.O.M. is dedicated to working with church & youth evangelism and jail & prison ministries. Both Bob and Linda have completed courses in Law Enforcement Chaplain and School Resource Chaplain. Both have been certified with International Prison Fellowship Ministry ( ) Linda is known for her Angelic singing and guest speaking with such groups as "Womens A Glow." Linda has done chapel services at Corcoran, Chowchilla, Folsom, and C.M.C. State prisons. Linda has also been a part of Angel Tree Ministry through Prison Fellowship Ministry. Bob has preached in Avenal, Chino, Coalinga, Coffee Creek Women's in Oregon, Corcoran, Delano, Folsom, Calif. Men's Colony, SATF, Soledad, Tucson Fed. Pen., and Wasco. Bob has been winning souls in the prison and jail system, and been a guest evangelist at numerous churches. After getting certified in Prison Fellowship Ministry, he produced the website and expanded to prisons as well as jails. We are guest speakers for churches, to help promote your own ministry group, as well as going direct into the jails and prisons to witness to those in need. We publish a monthly newsletter titled "Letter from M.O.M." INPM

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